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This metropolitan destination provides eco-adventures in addition to historical monuments, luxurious resorts, and a dynamic nightlife. Waterfalls and unusual birds await those brave enough to venture into the inner forests of Cebu. Coral reefs almost surround the whole perimeter of this 200-kilometer-long island. Locals—entrepreneurial as they are—are frequently seen tending to many companies during the week and going boating and scuba diving on weekends.

Cebu is a true “power island” in every way. Take a peek at its SRP (South Road Properties)—a 300-hectare reclaimed land area—as proof of its expansion.

In addition, the island is a leader in the Philippines’ sustainable tourism movement. The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is the country’s first solar-powered airport, and its concessionaires are prohibited from using single-use plastics. From award-winning mangrove river experiences to tours of ancestral homes led by local guides, visitors can enjoy mindful tourism. Prepare your taste buds for a pleasant surprise as Cebu’s culinary legacy is equally amazing.

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